Open the Greeley, CO, topographic map. This is the “topo” map that includes Fort
Collins. This is a large file, so you
will have to zoom in to see things on the map.
Keep in mind that when you zoom in and out, you change the scale, and
you must scroll down to see the bar scale when you change the view. Answer the following questions:Determine the distances between these places:Fossil Creek Reservoir between Fort Collins and Loveland
and Windsor Reservoir between Fort
Collins and Greeley?The Greeley airport to Riverside Reservoir, east of Greeley?Hagues Peak (in the Mummy Range) due south to Longs Peak
(south of the Rocky Mountain National Park label) in the western part of the
map?What is the elevation of the following:Downtown Fort Collins? Coffintop Mountain in the southwestern corner, north of
Boulder and west of Longmont?The unnamed ranch to the left of the ‘U’ in Laramie
Mountains in the northwest corner?What is the change in elevation between Longs Peak and Lake
Graney to the southwest?What is the gradient (slope) between Longs Peak and Longmont
airport in feet/mile? Make sure that you finish the math so that your units are
in feet/1 mile.What is the longitude and latitude of these features:The USGS Testing Station in the southeast corner?Greasewood Flats east of Greeley and Eaton?Mount Dickinson north of Lake Estes and Estes Park on the
western side of the map?What would you find at the following latitudes and
longitudes:40°00’, 105°15’ 40°15’00”, 105°30” List the Range and township for the following locations.Fort Collins Boulder Greeley What ranch is found in R64W, T3N?
Let’s say that you were atop Mount Audubon to the west of
Boulder and Longmont. You want to get to
Sawtooth Mountain, which is due north of Audubon. Why would you want to head to the northeast
instead of due north directly toward Sawtooth?

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