nvironmental Humanities Literature ReviewDUE: December 1st, in class (hard copy)Throughout the semester students will read three books in three different genres of literature: Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire (nature writing), Daniel Quinn’s Ishmeal (fiction), and Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild (creative non-fiction). We will have in-class discussions and workshops on each individually and after all the books are completed, students will write a literature review comparing all three books and genres of literature.Please write a 3-4 page analytical essay evaluating authors’ contributions to the Environmental Humanities. The review will also relate the books to the major themes of the class introduced by other readings throughout the semester. Literature reviews are not simply summaries; they will evaluate the theories, methods, sources, and presuppositions of the author. Consider the authors’ creative style, as well as, academic research. What are the benefits and limitations of each type of writing. Also, consider their significance within the course. How does each book fit into the themes we’ve discussed in the Environmental Humanities, what are the contributions of each author to the study of the Environmental Humanities? You are also encouraged to use other readings from the course to support your arguments or provide counter-arguments.Your thoughtful, well organized, and interesting essay should clearly articulate a thesis and support your argument with the evidence from each book and other course readings. Be sure to use direct quotations and specific information from the readings. You must give credit to your sources for those quotations, ideas and information you use, in MLA Format. Your typed, double-spaced, 3-4 page paper is due in class on December 1st. For detailed guidelines on how to write a standard literature review see:http://library.ucsc.edu/ref/howto/literaturereview.html (for a succinct description)http://www.unc.edu/depts/wcweb/handouts_pdf/Literature%Review.pdf (for a longer, more in-depth discussion).

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Environmental Humanities Literature Review
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