canyon unv104 week 1 discussion dq1 & dq 2 october. 2013

dq 1
Alana has been employed as a cashier at the local grocery store
for two years, is always on time, and has excellent customer service skills. An
assistant store manager position will be available soon and Alana’s manager is
considering her for the position. She will be the only internal candidate
considered. To prepare for the selection process, Alana’s manager has asked her
to prepare a report that provides ideas for how the store could be improved and
remain competitive with other grocery stores. Describe how Alana might create
the report by using the information literacy skills of:
• Recognizing when information is needed
• Locating, evaluating, and effectively using the needed information
What specific skills will she need to do these things well? Could
you successfully complete this report if you were Alana? What challenges would
you have?

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dq 2

In this module you are required to begin the development of your
expository essay by completing several prewriting strategies. Share with your
classmates two examples of brainstorming that you seem to prefer. Did you
brainstorm? If so, was brainstorming helpful to you? If not, why didn’t you?
How confident do you feel about completing the essay? Do you have any concerns
or questions? Locate at least one resource on the Internet (remember what you
learned about information literacy) that may be useful to your classmates in
writing their essays. Provide a link to the resource and a brief summary of why
you think it will be useful.

canyon unv104 week 2 discussion dq1 & dq 2 october. 2013

The module lecture and readings have reviewed the reasons and
importance of using library resources in your research. Explain why it is important
to use resources retrieved from the online GCU Fleming Library vs. a general
Internet search. In those instances where you need to do a search on the
Internet, what guidelines should you follow? Why?

dq 2

In this module, you will be working on a Library Scavenger Hunt.
The lecture from this week also discusses how to use the library to find
sources when writing. As you’ve worked on this module, what have you learned
that you feel will be the most useful to you when searching for a resource to support
your essay? Suppose a new GCU student needs assistance with locating resources
to complete an essay. Based on what you’ve learned this module, provide at
least three tips to the student for navigating the GCU Library.

canyon unv104 week 3 discussion dq1 & dq 2 october. 2013

dq 1

Access the “Paraphrasing Resources” document. Use the
resource to practice paraphrasing a text. Copy and paste a quote from the
article you found to support your Expository Essay. Include a citation in GCU
style. Below the quote, paraphrase the information from the quote. Comment on
the paraphrasing completed by your peers. Are their paraphrases an accurate
summary of the quoted material without copying the actual words from the quote?
Why or why not?

dq 2

Review the reading strategies on pages 70-73 in the textbook. Use
one of the reading strategies to complete one of the required readings or your
article for this module. How effective was the strategy you used? Explain.
Which reading strategy are you most likely to use in the future, and why?

canyon unv104 week 4 discussion dq1 & dq 2 october. 2013
dq 1

A thesis statement guides the reader to what the writer is going
to say in the body of an essay. Reply to this post with the thesis statement for
your expository essay. Respond to two of your peers’ posts, commenting on the
clarity and other qualities of their thesis statements. For each of your peers,
explain the type of evidence you think he or she would need to provide in order
to adequately support their thesis statement?

dq 2

Why is it important to use prewriting strategies when developing
an essay? Which prewriting strategy featured in the multimedia piece works best
for you and why?
Reply to two of your peers’ posts that chose a different strategy.
Comment on pros and cons of using the strategy your classmate chose.

canyon unv104 week 5 discussion dq1 & dq 2 october. 2013


When someone’s writing is not focused, clear, and precise the
message is often lost. To succeed in today’s competitive professional world you
must be able to communicate effectively, especially through writing. Describe a
situation (real or fictional) where not having a focused message in your
writing could lead to a problem. Describe how you can use the writing process
to ensure your writing is focused and effective.

dq 2

After reviewing the readings from Chapter 5 this week, discuss the
importance of verbal communication and how it is different from other forms of
communication (body language, etc.). Please provide an example of each form of
communication and how it is linked to literacy in the classroom.

canyon unv104 week 6 discussion dq1 & dq 2 october. 2013

Imagine you created a piece of writing such as a book, song, or
poem. Suppose someone else used that piece of writing without giving you credit
for creating it. How would that make you feel? Find an instance on the Internet
where there was a dispute involving copyright issues. How was the problem

dq 2

Describe a time you delivered information you thought was clear,
but the receiver did not. What could you have done to improve your
communication in this situation?

canyon unv104 week 7 discussion dq1 & dq 2 october. 2013


What do you find most difficult about taking exams? Which of the
strategies outlined in this module’s chapter do you think will be the most
useful to you and why?


How have the strategies and skills learned throughout this course
influenced your learning? How will you use the information and communication
literacy skills you’ve learned in this course in your future courses?

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