LASA 2: Assemble a Career PathThroughout this course, you have learned an overview of the discipline of psychology, including expectations for the psychology major, career options for students completing a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and career options for students who pursue a graduate degree.Review the information on career paths for psychologists and counselors from the readings and do some of your own research using credible sources. Drawing upon the information you collected and analyzed in previous assignments and the research, write a 4-6 page paper that outlines the career path that, at this point in your educational experience, you think is most suitable for you.Be as specific as possible, including each of the following items:• Identify a career path and explained why it is a suitable choice.• Identify the skills, experiences, and educational requirements for this path.• Identify your strengths and weaknesses and explain how they relate to your chosen path.• Describe the skills, preparation, and experiences you have already completed.• Describe what skills, preparation, and experiences you still need to acquire (for example, research experience, volunteer work, developing a professional network, etc.).• Outline a clear plan (including timeline) for meeting these goals and gaining those skills and experiences. Make sure to do outside research to discuss specifically where you can gain those skills and experiences, how much it will cost, and how you plan to prioritize.• Select and describe at least one professional organization that would be appropriate to join in your chosen career path and why it is the most appropriate. Make sure to identify the specific resources and standards it would provide you as a professional.Write a 4 – 5 page paper in a clear, concise, and organized manner. Demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources. Display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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LASA 2: Assemble a Career Path
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