Project part 2Title: Final Draft- A Research DocumentDescription/Requirements of Project1. APA title page2. Introduction with thesis (position statement) and detailed description of problem3. Definitions of all relevant terms for argument4. Opposition summary in 2-3 paragraphs5. Support for position with examples and explanation in 3-6 paragraphs or 1-2paragraphs for each of your reasons for the position.6. Analysis and explanation of three solutions7. Detailed description of best solution8. Reflection of how you used critical and creative thinking to write this paper and findsolutions to this problem. Please avoid using first person while writing this paper.9. Conclusion10. Cite a minimum of three sources to support your position and solutions.The research paper would be 6-8 page long.Submission RequirementsFormat: Microsoft Word (8 to 10 Pages)Font: Arial, 12, double-spaced Citation Style: APA My point of viewYouth Violence and Video GamesThe link between violent video games and aggressive behavior in children has yet to beproven. With many years of studies, reviews, experiments, and general claims andallegations, no one can definitively say that this is the case. Claims have been madethat as games became more violent and graphic in content that the aggression levelsand crime rates have increased. Based on statistics, life experience and human history,I conclude that yes video games, violent or not, will increase excitement and adrenalin.They are not however a direct connection to aggression in children and youths.I grew up in a time when most of these violent games were being produced andyes there was violence within the youth of the time, but you did not see the sameviolence issues or the extent of the issues there are today. Based on previousdiscussion results, many of my former classmates shared my opinion that it is theparenting or lack of parenting that creates the opening for violent games to impression achild’s aggression status. A few students feel that the violence and profanity in videogames directly leads to real violence. Most make this claim mainly because the firstperson shooter game Doom was mentioned in the video made by the teens thatcommitted the Columbine massacre.History also shows that violence is an accepted form of behavior which has been taughtfrom generation to generation. Parents have been teaching children to fight as long as any creature has existed. Looking at ancient civilizations, Greeks, Romans, almostevery civilization has taught their young to fight to protect themselves, gain position andstanding from your peers, and to expand your civilization.In conclusion, I find that by parents interacting, monitoring, and being a rolemodel for their children, they can raise their children to understand reality from fantasy.Children look to their parents and adults within their lives to show them right from wrongand teach them how to behave in today’s society. Since children are a product of theirenvironment, when children grow up within a violent environment, not just their homes,but also where they live, they see the violence and consider this as a norm. Youthviolence is a direct result of the civilization and community they live in, as well as theparenting and/or lack of parenting they receive. Connection between Video Games and AggressionQuestion 1: Restatement of positionThere is no direct connection between violent video games and aggression in childrenand the youths in general. The only fact is that games, whether violent or not, increasesadrenalin.Question 2: Two assumptionsThe first assumption made by this argument is that the children and youths whosubscribe to these video games only take video games as a medium of entertainmentand not a source of lessons on how to be aggressive. The second assumption is that allthe video games are violent and so all of them are presumed to have a negative impactin the behavioral development of the child.Question 3: Analysis of assumptionsIn the first assumptions of all children and youths having perfect knowledge of thedangers of the video games, it is a case of oversimplification. Most parents do not taketime to explain to their children the true purpose of these games. The secondassumption is a case of overgeneralization since not all video games display violentcontent. To the contrary, there are nonviolent games that encourage creativity andinnovation among the young people.Question 4: Improvement of the argumentsThis argument can be strengthened by looking at the positive contributions that videogames make in the lives of the young people. They are a source of creativity and innovation which means that they can help the children in nurturing their intelligence aswell as creative intuitions. In addition, there are nonviolent video games which can beused in school to foster learning activities, thus making the work of tutors to be simple.By focusing on such elements, this argument becomes more concrete and establishedsince it focusses on the facts.

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