Research paper is not concerned to any specific chapters in your book.It should be on some economic issues/ problems of global/macro nature. Long tables and data should be attached as an appendix.It may be on trading, manufacturing, service, financial institutions. It could be on any type of activities that has economic issues. You can choose your own topic. If you wish to discuss with me you can do so.A research paper has to be 4 pages (excluding Cover page and bibliographical page) typed, double spaced 12 F. size. It should not be more than 9 pagesMust have at least three references.It must have Title/TopicTentative Format: (You may change/modify according to the need of your topic).TitleIntroductionObjectivesTheoretical Background (if needed)Collection and analysis of information (here depending upon your topic and available information, you will develop with sub aspects and titles)FindingsSuggestions and summary.Again, this is just a suggestive outline. You may have your own format. If your research paper exceeds my expectations from your class level you may get one or two bonus points but that requires exceptional report.References may include web site, magazines, newspaper or any other sources primary and/or secondary.

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Research paper is not concerned to any specific
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