term paper written as follows….For the first part of the term paper, I want you select a movie that has a character with a communication disorder. The character need not be the star or co-star, and he or she can also be a supporting character. In the book there are references to more than thirty films having people with communication disorders for you to use. You are also encouraged to find films not listed in the book. Once you have selected a film, watch it paying particular attention to the ways the communication disorders are portrayed.When writing this first half of the paper, answer the following questions:1. Why did the author or screenwriter include the reference to a communication disorder?2. Did the reference promote and propagate existing stereotypes about communication disorders, and if so, how?3. Was the inclusion of the communication disorder necessary to developing the protagonist, other characters, and/or story line?4. Was there clinical inaccuracy or misleading information in the portrayal of the communication disorder?This part of the paper should be about five pages in length, double spaced.For the second part of the term paper, I want you scientifically to address the communication disorder. This aspect of the paper is a typical research term paper. It should be written in the style suggested by the American Psychological Association (APA). The text book is written in this style and you can see how to cite authorities and refer to resources. You can also get the APA writing manual from any library or university bookstore. When writing this section of the paper, be certain not to plagiarize. Plagiarism is not giving credit to the person whose ideas you used. It is perfectly acceptable and even desirable to have much of the paper citing authorities on the subject. You can find current research articles in journals and many of them are electronic; you do not even need to go to a library for them. Here is an example of an electronic article and you may cite it as one of your references. It is an article called Hooray for Hollywood – PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT to see article.When I grade your paper, I will use the following as criteria:1. APA style2. Topic statement and limitation of the paper3. Current research (at least two references to current journal articles from the past five years).4. Summary5. Accuracy of information and sources6. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.7. Quality of information presented8. Topic coverage9. Summary (What the student learned from the assignment written in 1st person.)I particularly like to read the summary. Here you should discuss your preconceived notions about the communication disorder and discuss what you learned. You can write this aspect in the first person, e.g., “I learned that . . . “The minimum number of pages is ten, but you are encouraged to write more. Hopefully, this assignment will make you a better writer and be a strong educational experience about communication disorders.And one more thing. Try to get an early start on the subject and feel free to talk to me before, during, or after class about what you are considering for a topic. For most students, the term paper raises their test grade average. Be sure to turn in your paper on time. It is due one month before the final examination.Enjoy.

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