Complete Assurance of Learning Exercise
5C, Steps 1–2, on text page 160. (Note: In addition to the resources listed in
Step 1, you may use additional resources that may benefit you in this

Place the results of the
exercise(s) in a single document and submit it via the link provided. Include
your name, class, section number, and the number of the exercise(s) on the
attachment (ex: 1B, Step 3). Be sure that the assignment is in a business
professional format; include current APA citing and referencing.

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the assignment is in a business professional format
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Strategies Should PepsiCo Pursue in 2014?
performing strategic management case analysis, you can find information about
the respective company’s actual and planned strategies. Comparing what is
planned versus what you recommend is an important part of case analysis. Do not
recommend what the firm actually plans, unless in-depth analysis of the
situation reveals those strategies to be best among all feasible alternatives.
This ex- ercise gives you experience conducting library and Internet research
to determine what PepsiCo is doing in 2013 and should do in 2014.
1Go to the website and click on Media and then click on Press
Releases. Read through the most recent 20 press releases.
Step 2Determine three new strategies that
PepsiCo is actually pursuing. Identify three proposed strategies that you feel
would be excellent for PepsiCo to pursue. Give a rationale for each of your
proposed strategies.
is no calculation needed in this one. My professor expects detailed answers and
explanations. He doesn’t accept a simple answer like these are the 3
strategies. He expects it to explain why the strategies would be good and
exactly how they will benefit Pepsico in 2014.

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