Unit IV Case StudyThe Case Study you are to review for this assignment can be found at the following web link:Rhode Island Nightclub Fire(http://online.columbiasouthern.edu/csu_content/courses/emergency_services/FIR/FIR4311/13B/f05032.pdf)The selected case addresses issues pertinent to the topics studied in this course. Read Chapters 1 and 8 of the selectedcase, background information, and recommendations as presented in the report. Your paper should contain accurate andappropriate information presented in the following format:? a brief introduction of the article,? a description of the recommendations presented in the final report, and? select two recommendations from the report and relate these to material you have studied and learned in thiscourse.Your completed assignment should summarize the items listed above in two-three pages and should include a title andreference page. The paper should be written following APA guidelines.

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Unit IV Case Study
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