DraftingWrite an appropriate document for the following purposes and the audiencesspecifiedQuestion: What to look for in housing in your area (for a group of transferringempolyeesPurpose: I am writing to a group of transfer employees so that my audience willknow what to look for in housingAudience: the transferring employeesMedium: emailContent: personal experience, transport, location, safety, landlords- renting/buyingetc…Formatting: introduction, bullets, and conclusionWriting Process1. Determine purpose (I’m writing to … so that my audience will …)2. Identify audienceWhat roles do they have? How is your role related to theirs? What do they alreadyKnow? What do they require? Why do they need this document? What is their mainconcern? What factors might influence them? How might they react?3. Select medium of communication (email, letter, memo, proposal,newsletter, etc. )4. Brainstorm content (idea, explanation, example)5. Organize content (pattern, paragraphing, style/design elements)

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What to look for in housing in your area
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