Compose a 3000 words assignment on self-esteem problems and verbal bullying. Needs to be plagiarism free! Bullying person is inconsiderate on victim’s feelings. She/he likes to make fun of others and makes her/ him popular. Verbal bullying is becoming a constant problem, and it affects children in many ways. For instance, when a person makes fun of a weak person’s appearance or behavior, he/she feels victory over his / her friends. Especially, when they laugh or encourage him/her, he/she tries to does it over and over again. A bullying person always has a group accompanying them to do what he/she wants or just to enjoy to see the suffering of the victim. This group helps the person to bully the victim more effectively. Always the bullying happens when an adult does not see them (Fraser, Verbal Bullying Definition. what is verbal bullying). Bullying is also something that happens between the childhood and adulthood whether it is inappropriate behavior, insulting physically or hurtful words. (wise geek: What is Verbal Bullying). Bullying could make the children feel stressed in their lifeand make them uncomfortable interacting with peers or family. Children who exposed to bullying might become nervous and find difficulty in talking with them because they cannot express to their parents about their suffering and what they get exposed in school every day. They do not show weakness to their parents or teachers or even their peers or friends. Bullying may lead to long-term problems for the victim’s self-esteem, withdrawal from existing friends and even severe depression.Bullying is of different types, all of this cause harm to children. Verbal bullying happens when children use harmful words or call someone by an ugly name to makes him shameful or sad or even to make the person afraid of him. Verbal bullying-Words are powerful (Mandy, Clark, 2007). It involves extreme instances of teasing or use of sarcasm. Always the children who use this type of behavior know how this will make the other children recessive.

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Compose a 3000 words assignment on self-esteem problems and verbal bullying. Needs to be plagiarism free!
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