Need an research paper on global marketing and the digital revolution. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Global Marketing and the Digital Revolution Global Marketing and the Digital Revolution The digital revolution continues to expand at a fast rate, taking the world by storm and influencing the way societies interact and operate. Of particular significance is the impact of these digital revolutions on how businesses are conducted and specifically the interaction between businesses and their target consumers. Jurras (2012) argues that over the years advances in the digital technologies have significantly affected the lives of people and societies throughout the world. The emergency of the mobile phone as a replacement for the telegram or landline, the development of the paperless society and the increasing influence of electronic money transfer, the innovation in mobile apps and internet enabled mobile phones, the development of electronic data exchange (EDE) and the increasing development of social media represents some of the developments arising out of the digital revolution. The advent of the internet and its related social media networks has significantly affected and influenced the concept of marketing and the specific roles of marketing professionals (Jurras, 2012). Social media networks such as Facebook, instagram, pinterest and twitter are forever transforming the landscape of the marketing function and how consumers interact with each other, products and organizations. Jurras argues that with many consumers having online presence and finding it increasingly convenient and safe to engage in online purchases and payments, only firms with an effective social media strategy will achieve a cutting edge in the highly competitive global industry. Social media networks represent an online community of customers with shared attributes, characteristics and interests. These social media sites employ virtual and internet accessible technologies such as smart phones and tablets to facilitate real time interaction and connectivity of online consumers. The customers share their thoughts, experiences with products and organizations, their perceptions regarding the ability of certain products to meet their needs and preferences, and their likes and dislikes about particular brands (Field, 2013). Astute social marketers are increasingly recognizing the importance of social media sites, especially instagram, to interact with the online consumers, develop and enhance brand awareness, and implement their market communication strategies and campaigns.Field (2013) observes that small and local businesses are no longer disadvantaged in regards to size and financial capital because they do not need to be physically present in global markets and commit use investments for development of comprehensive marketing campaigns. Social media marketing creates differentiation thus offering firms a competitive advantage. It also offers them the ability to develop a viable and effective business model that leverages the increased connectivity of customers. ReferencesField, J. (26 April 2013). How the digital revolutions has changed marketing. Spacecoast `Business. Retrieved on 28 May 2014 from`digital-revolution-has-changed-marketing/Jurras, K. (15 May 2012). Evolving technology landscape has major implications for social `media marketing. Retrieved on 28 May 2014 from `http://blog.mitx.

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Need an research paper on global marketing and the digital revolution. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism.
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