Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems: Examining Legal Traditions. This was affected by the World War2 and political campaigns going on during that time. During the Cultural Revolution all the legal system were abolished. The reestablishment of the legal systems began again in the year 1979 where law schools were opened and judicial and procurator institutions were recreated. Since then the rule of law has become a long-term role for the government of China (Richard 2010) The Australian system of government is founded in the liberal democratic tradition and it is based on the values of religious tolerance, freedom of speech and association, and the rule of law. Most of the Australian system of government is similar to the British system. The colonial processes impact the involvement of indigenous peoples in criminal justice. Despite differences, there is pattern that has been seen in criminal justice system. Indigenous people are over-represented as offenders and victims. The government of Australia has failed to address marginalization by focusing on indigenization of criminal justice services. The government has to take into consideration all this and take into account the historical processes when developing policies and making decisions about indigenous people. The national crime authority was established by the Commonwealth government in the year 1984 in response to the findings of several Royal commissions into organized criminal activity in Australia. The courts in Australia are aligned this way, the High Court has the final jurisdiction. It is seconded by the federal court that has jurisdiction over the discussions of single judges of the High Court. All the states work independently. They have their own and different Supreme Courts and also have a court of criminal appeal. In the year 1993 to the year 1994 there were 782,000 criminal cases heard in the state and territory courts. Most of these cases were heard in the magistrates’ court.

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Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems: Examining Legal Traditions.
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