Discussion Answer: Why do you think that the prison population rate in the United States is statistically the highest in the world?  Are U.S. citizens more deviant?   Respond: The United States has the highest prison population for many reasons. Many people who are imprisoned start off as kids who don’t have parents around to tell them what’s right and wrong. Some people have problems they think can be fixed by drugs which leads to trouble. Some people are mentally ill or insane which causes them to do certain things that would get them arrested. These are just a few of the many factors that make up the United States’ high prison population rate. U.S. citizens, I feel, are more deviant for these reasons and because of all that is going on in this country.Respond: In the United States, we have more laws, and discipline. If you brake these laws heavily, you go to pay the time. Nearly 1 out of every 100 United states citizens are in jail. For something as minor as not paying a speeding ticket all the way to murder. Lack of teaching the new generations right or wrong, also a lack of investment in schools are probably why they grew up to act out. Not every kid has a dad to teach them certain things, or a mom. Some kids are to far gone to be taught how to act right right, because they were never taught from the start. I wouldn’t say The United States population is more deviant, but just have to follow and abide by more laws then most countries.Answer: Identify the difference between a subculture and counterculture.  Provide at least one example for each.Respond: Culture is a society’s entire way of life. It’s very rare to find a society that has a single culture. Subcultures are groups of people that participate in a larger and dominant culture, but they have their own set of norms, values, symbols, and lifestyles. The difference between subcultures and counterculture is that in a counterculture, a subculture can have a set of cultural elements that are completely different from the dominant culture. Subcultures submit to the dominant culture, but countercultures can have members that reject this and can go and find a way to change this. Some examples of subcultures are: bikers, survivalist, goth, and gaming. Examples of counterculture are: feminist groups, green movement, hippies, and music.Respond: The difference between both subculture and counterculture is that subculture means a social group exhibiting characteristic patterns of behavior sufficient to distinguish it from others within an embracing culture or society. Subculture is also apart of a more extensiveculture but not a complete culture of itself. Counterculture means a culture with values and mores that run counter to those of an established culture.For example, subculture is like a group of goths, punk musicians, biker gangs, emo’s, and more to add to the list of different groups people of society take part in this day.For an example of counterculture is like the capsule of the history of hippies, hipsters, music and, etc.

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Discussion Answer: Why do you think that the prison population rate in the United States is statistically the highest in the world? Are U.S. citizens more deviant? Respond: The United States has
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