Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Issues Arising from Brand Awareness in Children. A harmonious and catchy tune makes sure that the brand remains synonymous with children’s wishes and desires of the product that is being discussed and close to their heart so that associations are built with the brand every now and then whenever there is some form of linkage with the brand in one way or the other. Another effect that can be had from these music/sounds to the children is that they build a solid and heartwarming relationship with them and hence the rapport is rock solid when it comes to the potential users of the brand which in this case are the children and so on and so forth. Psychologically speaking, children connect with what is there on the electronic and/or print media for them in the form of a message that says a lot about their preferred brand and lists down the details as to how it could benefit the toddler or a teenager for that matter. Children can have a totally different impression on their young minds when they see some specific advertisement on television or in the print media which attracts the attention of the opposite gender and thus brings to notice their interest as to why the brand or the product is being advertised to the opposite sex alone. Children, therefore, need to be told the plus points of their television viewing with regards to the different brands so that they do not extract a meaning which is not actually conveyed by the company for them in the first place. For the company to see their brand thriving big time in the market with competitors having little or negligible business, it needs to build upon a base that it can erect its structure upon so that when the wind blows, it does not hamper the smooth business of this brand at all. With that, it has to understand the soft-natured psyche of the young ones where the impressionable minds of these children can absorb just about any kind of business aimed towards the opposite sex or for a particular community for that matter, as is the case. One needs to understand that the types of reactions these children have after watching these ads are quite&nbsp.distressing, to say the least as they make an effort to find out.

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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Issues Arising from Brand Awareness in Children.
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