Need an research paper on project implementation-control and termination. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Victorious project execution is complicated and easier said than done. The tasks that are project based are likely to be diversefrom directorial tasks. Projects generally have a unique objective, a known opening and conclusion, with restricted funds. Its proper execution requires a chain of complicated activities which needs good coordination among team members.The Project Life CycleThis is helpful in getting an idea of task stages and the money and project supply needs at every stage. The four different stages are:1. Conceptualization: The first stage in which the first round objectives and other line of attack are determined by top management.2. Planning: The creation of proper set up to achieve the project`s objective. The task consists of preparing agenda, financial plan and distribution of other duty and resources.3. Execution: This is real “task” of the project. Materials required are obtained, tasks get accomplished, and functioning abilities are checked.4. Termination: Concluding tasks like discharge materials, handing over project to its users should be done.( Slevin & Pinto, 1987)Input To Be Taken Care Of In a Wedding Planner ProjectWedding day aim, deals, and financial plan.Deals with relatives: talk about the financial plan and contents of the wedding. also decide the fitness and beauty requirements like skin, hair, nails, food.Decide the venue and date: sign up the wedding and party venue, arrange the caterers, make arrangements for the attendants (for both groom and bride) and usher for the guests.Choose the wedding rings.The attire: order the wedding dress and ensure it is ready by the wedding date.Plan out the entire honeymoon. If planning abroad, arrange for tickets and accommodation. (Microsoft Office, 2006)Project PresentationThe manager of the wedding project has to check whether all tasks of wedding are in proper sequence. The planner has to utilize the material and finance procured in the best possible way and in a timely manner. The excellence with which the human resource is working will contribute to the evaluation of the wedding project performance. (Williams et al., 2011)References:Microsoft office (2006). Formal Wedding Planner. Retrieved from:, D.P., Pinto, J.K. (1987). Balancing Strategy and Tactics in Project Implementation. Retrieved from, T., Twiner, C., Otto, G., Smiles, R., Aguilar, M., Armand, E. (2011, May 22). Project Proposal- Wedding Planner.

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Need an research paper on project implementation-control and termination. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism.
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