Need help with my writing homework on Leadership Pathways. Write a 250 word paper answering; Human resources refer to personnel or the workforce within an organization, charged with the responsibility of performing tasks purposed to achieve goals and objectives of the institution. This is possible through proper selection and recruitment, induction, skill development as well as appropriate employee assessment. In addition, proper compensation is relevant for motivation of employees towards achievement of organizations goals. Thus, I consider management as the primary factor, which contributes to success in any organization. The key objectives of management revolve around encouraging growth, profit maximization and social responsibilities. Management is a process, which involves coordination of activities within an organization to encourage teamwork through innovative ways to achieve predetermined objectives. However, poor management plays a critical role in degrading efficiency, which translates to irate employees thus, poor overall performance of the organization. Therefore, it is crucial that sound management exist to formulate policies, supervise and provide oversight within the organization for enhanced efficiency, which translates to increased profit margins.In line with the human resource frame illustrated above, I find the school’s dean of students as a key asset within the school setting. This is supported by the character and qualities that he displays, as he is committed and focused on his responsibilities, which he dispenses competently. Thus, the vision and objectives of the institution are effectively overseen and implemented facilitating smooth running of activities. Similarly, the dean is an effective team player encouraging his staff to exercise tolerance and uphold the best of their values, hence keeping them motivated. In addition, the dean is an effective communicator as well as a good listener, which comes in handy during problem solving and relaying new policies.

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Need help with my writing homework on Leadership Pathways. Write a 250 word paper answering;
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