Write 6 pages with APA style on ICT and Digital Media in Public Relations Campaigns. As an accounts executive of a PR consultancy, I would like to stress upon the fact that Public Relation trends have been experiencing serious changes and technological advancements. ICT has grown inevitably throughout the past few years. It has seeped into other industries other than the field of information technology. ICT is one of the sectors driving the new economy and also the public relations sector. It is also one of the sectors most directly affected by the recent trends in globalization. The rapid growth in Internet usage and rapid growth of mobile usage with broadband networks all point towards the fact that this technology is impacting every moment of our day to day lives and businesses. But how precisely does ICT affect economic growth and the efficiency of firms? In many studies and recent surveys it has been proved that even in this recession, ICT has kept a steady growth and has no doubt contributed to the GDP and economic growth. The introduction of ICT to small-medium enterprises has allowed them to compete with larger competitors. ICT is a very dynamic area. The tools and frameworks of ICT expand and advance continuously. these expansions demonstrate the usage and improvements. If we take a broader look at advanced technologies, satellites, mobile phones video news releases, etc are the latest tools of ICT that are used by PR agencies and influence public relations policies and practices. Twitter, mash-up media and blogging are the publics eyes and ears nowadays, this latest trend has created more implications and has definitely raised the bar for public relations. In other words, it has raised the bar for public relation practitioners. The Internet and World Wide Web have created mediums for the public to accesses information, whether in the form of blogs, podcasts or videos from YouTube. The traditional role of media is constantly changing with regular upgrading.

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Write 6 pages with APA style on ICT and Digital Media in Public Relations Campaigns.
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