Write 8 pages thesis on the topic analysis of macro factors of the business processes of electronic firm sonic divine. Analysis of Macro factors that impact the market strategyThe fast-changing dynamics of the current business processes necessitate a corresponding change in strategy so as to take into consideration the emerging risks which may influence the overall development of the business enterprise. Nonmarket factors, in emerging markets, become all the more crucial because of the sensitive nature of the new market potential and the volatility of the market forces. The nonmarket factors or the new macro-environment factors have a significant impact on the market strategies of the products, thus making it essential for the organizations to incorporate the vagaries of those environment elements into its marketing strategy. There are six major macro-environment factors that indirectly influence the performance outcome of the organization and would be discussed in detail: economic. demographic trend. changing the socio-cultural paradigm. developing new environmental compulsions. advancing technology. and political environment of the region.2.1 EconomicThe economic environment is a major consideration for all businesses. Consumer buying decisions are greatly influenced by the buying power of the consumers and the regional and global economic environment. The world economy is presently undergoing tremendous turmoil. In the recent past, the American economy has been under tremendous strain with its deteriorating job market and the dismal performance of its various public-private companies. The bankruptcy of a few of its major financial institutions has resulted in the financial meltdown creating a serious crisis situation in the American economy that has cascaded down to the rest of the world. The recessive trend in the American economy has a cascading effect across the globe, making it a very difficult condition for the businesses. The new recessive trend and burgeoning unemployment have considerably reduced the spending power of the consumers. The Australian social trends statistics have revealed some worrying demographic data. Unemployment has increased. (graph 1, 2). The main source of income has remained wages and salaries with decreasing private enterprises/businesses.

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Write 8 pages thesis on the topic analysis of macro factors of the business processes of electronic firm sonic divine.
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