Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on public and government approach in mosquito control programs. Mosquito control programs in Queensland have been developed in the past and are still being developed to eradicate mosquitoes in homesteads, houses, hospitals and other public places. The programs are drafted and implemented by the Queensland authorities together with health care providers, local councils, and the public in general. The problem has however been the rate at which members of the public are accepting and adopting these programs. The communities do not appreciate these programs and they instead use their own knowledge on how they can control and manage mosquitoes in their homes. They have resorted to buying treated nets, repellents and other pesticides to keep mosquitoes off. The programs from the government although being taken in are a second fiddle especially considering the fact that people don’t take them seriouslySurveillance of any disease is the first line of defense against the disease2. In recent years, there have been many cases of ‘imported diseases’ to Queensland, especially from Asia and Africa. This is a setback against the fight against the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. Various groups are currently promoting the idea of disease surveillance in Queensland. A group based in the area by the name Tropical Population Health Networks Communicable Diseases Control Centre is working with communities and local government officials to make sure that all immigrants do not ‘infect’ the mosquitoes in Queensland&nbsp.with the virus which will eventually infect the humans. The team from the group above relies mostly on laboratory tests and recommendations from general practitioners on any new case of any mosquito-borne disease.&nbsp.In Queensland, mosquito control workers have been licensed to carry out house to house inspections for any breeding sites of mosquitoes. They are the real ‘fire fighting’ team who are mandated by the ‘Queensland Health’ to curb the spread of mosquitoes through spraying the environments. The program is intended to eliminate specifically the dengue mosquitoes in the houses.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on public and government approach in mosquito control programs.
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