Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic The French Revolution: The Fall of the Bastille. The time period had gone through an economic crisis in which food was a serious and vital concern, but no relief was coming from the monarchy or the lead of the nobility. When the king fired supporters of reform from government, this signaled a division between the revolutionaries and the nobility, inciting the people to take their cause to a violent form of voicing their dissent. On July 14, 1789, 800-900 Parisians gathered near the Bastille which was a fortress that was currently being used as a prison. The place was a house of horrors for the people, a prison in which unknown and often terrible events occurred to those who were sentenced to a term inside its walls. The place was a symbol to the people of France of a kingdom that was oppressed by tyranny, despotism at its worst, with a lack of regard for the people of the nation. The primary aim of the gathering was to take the gun powder in order to fuel their arms for the rebellion but the governor of the Bastille showed a lack of restraint and ordered his men to fire on the crowd. His men killed 98 who were gathered there and wounded 73, but this act incited the crowd to act and in the end, when five cannons were pointed at the prison, the governor, Bernard Jordan de Launey, son of the previous governor who had literally been born inside its walls, surrendered. Despite a promise that with surrender he would not be harmed, the crowd killed the governor and five of these men, parading their heads around on pikes in celebration of their victory (Perry 464). An act of rebellion, such as the ’Storming of the Bastille’ does not occur on a whim nor from a moment of feverish insurrection. There are events that will lead up to such an event, the climate of disdain and anger building until a riot was inevitable (Carlisle and Fletcher 55). There were three primary reasons that led to&nbsp.the environment that supported such a radical and passionate act as attacking the Bastille.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic The French Revolution: The Fall of the Bastille.
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