I need some assistance with these assignment. arctic climate impact Thank you in advance for the help! The scientific evidence points to several landforms today, which have revealed much of the past and present climates. Pielou (1994) referred to the so-called “thermal memory” of the earth in order to highlight this, that some of the memories are available for inspection. (p35) For instance, by drilling several holes in the arctic coastal plains of Alaska, the ground temperature was measured at a sequence of depths. It is one of the widely accepted beliefs among the climatic geomorphologists that the studies undertaken within some climatic types introduce a certain degree of control. According to Pitty (1971), climate studies address the difficulty in comparing the characteristics of different areas due to the inescapable problems that change other than those in the object being studied. The reason for this is that geomorphology has since been closely linked to geography, as it is by the geographical search that the natural situation which affords the only realistic controls on a landform problem or changes will be discovered. (p68) Furthermore, the interaction of the variable forces of wind, precipitation, temperature, humidity, including solar radiations, is the climatic forces that have shaped and will shape the world’s bio-regions. According to Hough, climate, “pervades and influences water, plants, wildlife, and agriculture. It is the fundamental force that shapes local and regional places and is responsible for the essential differences between them.” (p189) The prime control of climate is the heat given out by the sun and that some of this heat creates energy for the atmospheric heat engine which controls the nature of pressure, wind, and climatic belts. (Goudie 2001, p46) This underscores how climate change, characterized by global warming could drastically affect the geomorphological processes and periglacial landforms in the Arctic. Climate is also pivotal in the abundance or scarcity of water, which along with the other climatic forces, affects the speed of soil formation, directly and indirectly, as well as the thermal weathering, freeze-thaw action, and other weathering processes.

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I need some assistance with these assignment. arctic climate impact Thank you in advance for the help!
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