I need some assistance with these assignment. macro economics Thank you in advance for the help! In details, the discussion seeks to establish the effects of fiscal, GDP, monetary, international trade, and demographic policies in real-estate business sector in the U.S.A economy.In the year 2008, the U.S economy faced a stiff slant as its domestic businesses slumped in performances due to inflation of the dollar unit. The government responded to the situation by resolving the dollar crisis and implementing long-term solutions to recover the economic deficits (McDonald & Stokes, 2013). Uncle Dan’s resolution to engage in real-estate business is for the good of the US society since the developed structures will provide direct and indirect job opportunities to many citizens in the nation (Capozza & Van, 2011). Statistics indicate that the US real-estate sector has in the past 3-year period contributed to the economy at a rate of 5%, 7%, and 8.6% respectively (Sanders & Order, 2011).Arguably, the real-estate economic segment serves to benefit the US economy through net contributions in the provision of working space for offices and other businesses that are invested within the rental premises. Therefore, a resolution to engage in real-estate business will serve to benefit the majority of the people and the investor will accrue profitable returns at the short and long run periods. Mainly, such benefits will be present in Uncle Dan’s real-estate business to the extent that he will provide commercial and residential premises to attract different customers with different needs and preferences (Deng, Quigley, & Order, 2004). The resolution further seems to be influential to the overall GDP rate of the economy. Economical reviews indicate that real-estate business’ contributions to the grand economic revenues at $2.15 trillion (LaCour-Little, 2008).

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I need some assistance with these assignment. macro economics Thank you in advance for the help!
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