I need some assistance with these assignment. managing radical strategic change Thank you in advance for the help! Transforming the business from this area to a radically-different model, tourism, requires significant changes at the strategic level. This project describes the transformation from Preussag to TUI and suggests different styles available to manage this large-scale business model change.Employees who worked under Preussag were likely used to functioning in a business environment that was product-focused rather than the customer- or marketing-focused primarily. Industrial business segments, such as mining and plant construction, require workers and managers to deal with issues of process improvements and work with foreign legislators to conduct international business. The tourism industry, on the other hand, is a very customer-focused organization requiring a business to take strong customer service and marketing focus in order to differentiate service variety from that of competition. Taking a culture built on efficiency and product-focus and expecting excellence in customer service (where little previously existed on the consumer level) requires a readjustment of the internal corporate culture.At the senior executive level, the key to changing values in the business is constructing a new mission statement for the newly-transformed business which clearly and explicitly states the new customer focus expectations. The mission statement provides a sense of purpose among the entire organizational staff and, through senior-level expression and modeling of these behaviors, a business can begin the strategic transformation from the product- to customer-oriented business activities. TUI accomplished this with a mission of “Putting a smile on people’s faces” (Interbrand, 2006). Though the mission statement, to its credit, can establish the foundation of what drives the business forward and its long-term goals for customer satisfaction, it does little in terms of enforcing compliance and ensuring that all organizational staff members are excited and willing to adopt the new change policies. In this situation, issues of compliance become a senior-level administrative priority. Assessing the performance of the internal environment can best be accomplished utilizing the SWOT Analysis performance template to recognize areas of strengths and weaknesses in terms of systems and human labor necessary to provide a quality customer service experience. Training and development, additionally, are strategic foci for ensuring organizational commitment to the change from Preussag to TUI.

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I need some assistance with these assignment. managing radical strategic change Thank you in advance for the help!
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