I need some assistance with these assignment. pocahontas 3 Thank you in advance for the help! Synopsis on Pocahontas. the Documentary The synopsis is about Pocahontas the 1995 documentary about the Native American princess who married an Englishman by the name John Rolfe and was later renamed as Rebecca. She’s a Native American Princess mostly known for her selflessness when she saved John Smith on the verge of his execution (Biography.com). She represented peace between the natives and the English settlers.The topics in set forth by the documentary include racial integration whereby Pocahontas married an English man. She further learnt the European lifestyle which further brings the topic of racial assimilation. Another topic is selflessness and courage. Her encounter of saving Smith’s life was an act of love for humans despite one’s origin. In addition, trickery is portrayed in the sense that she was lured to board an English boat and later ended up as a slave so as to entice her father to cooperate with the new settlers. The central argument is how she promoted peace and mutual understanding between the Englishmen and the native Indians of Virginia.The movie is very engaging by the drama and humor it brings on board. Pocahontas is referred to as a princess, but in reality she was not entitled to inherit things a princess would inherit. The arguments are well supported by the language and actions in the documentary. The video has no bias at all and all crystal clear. I enjoyed watching the moving because it’s really engaging and the most interesting part is when Pocahontas fell in love with a person from another race, religion, custom and later decided to stay with the Brits rather than going back to her father’s. Works CitedBiography.com,. Pocahontas Biography. N.p., 2014. Web. 21 Nov. 2014.

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I need some assistance with these assignment. pocahontas 3 Thank you in advance for the help!
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