[Interactive Document] Creating a Social Media Project Proposal Once your goals are set, the tactical work is planned and you’re ready to tackle you social objectives for 2020, you should package all of your strategies and thoughts into one shareable proposal. This is especially effective for those who need internal approval before getting started.Click the link below to create your own copy. Once in the document simply click “File” and “Make a copy” to edit your own version. If you get lost in the process, then visit this guide on how to create a social media proposal (Links to an external site.).This is the attachment file.[Social Media Project Name]OverviewClearly detail your social media proposal’s ultimate goal and duties expected from both parties. There’s no need to go into specific detail in the overview, but instead save it for the following section.Social Media GoalsEnsure your goals include how you plan to identify the client’s problems and how you will solve them. Additionally, you should include details into why the original social plan didn’t work. For example, here are some common goals:Increase sales: What KPIs will you be measured on for your work? How will your social goals link to the company’s bottom line?Increase traffic: What tools will you use to measure traffic? How will you prove your social strategy relates to site traffic?Increase Engagement: Why wasn’t the previous plan working? How will you plan to engage the customer’s clientele? Is there proof or reason behind this?Project TimelineOnce your current or potential client reads the overview and goals, it’s time to deliver your timeline. State the entire timeline of the project and how both sides (whether it’s through mutual agreement) can extend or shorten the campaign. If needed, give a specific timeline outlining each goal.Scope of WorkHere you should detail everything you plan on doing for the client in clear-cut detail. Break this section into smaller pieces to clearly and effectively identify your entire scope of work. This can include:●      Posting Schedule: Which networks are you going to be monitoring and how often will you be posting? If a posting approval process is needed, then be sure to outline what that would look like.●      Content Creation and Curation: This can include creating a social media content calendar, taking photographs and keeping a pulse on industry news.●      Brand Keyword or Hashtag Monitoring: Be sure to note which keyword(s) or hashtag(s) you will be tracking.●      Analytics and Reporting: How often will you be reporting on analytics and what will you be tracking?●      Social Media Management Details: When will you be available to engage on social media? How much time will you be dedicating to the client?Project Milestones & DeadlinesThis section will clearly define how you measure a project’s success. If the client wants more brand exposure from social media, you’ll likely identify impressions and reposts to be part of your metrics. With their current numbers and growth rate in mind, you’ll be able to write reasonable, numeric goals in the proposal.For example, some of the milestones could include:5% Web Sales Increase by End of Q3 2020Make sure you provide a solid (obtainable but actionable) figure, which goal it will align with and the deadline you plan to reach.6-Month Boost in Instagram Engagement RatiosYou can use social media analytics tools like Sprout Social to measure engagement ratios to ensure you’re reaching and interacting with more customers per month and have the data the back up your milestones.Launch Campaign by March 31, 2020Include your campaign stages such as kickoff, creative approval, launch, monitor and review. This will help create a timeline for your client and help you stay on track.Proof of WorkWhy should you be the one to work with this client and not your competitor? What makes you stand out from all the others? Chances are that the client is receiving multiple proposals for the same project.This is where you demonstrate how your experience would fit into their needs. It can come in the form of client testimonials or examples of how you’ve successfully managed clients with similar goals.Terms of AgreementThis is the nitty-gritty of the proposal. The section should clearly communicate how you work and what the contract terms would be. It can include important items like:●      Fees: project, hourly or retainer, content, infographics, etc.●      Billing practices: how you invoice, what your payment terms are or if you require a deposit●      How you work: remotely, in the client’s office and when you’re available to answer questions●      Termination: how to end the project if either party decides it’s not for themPayment ScheduleClearly identify your payment schedule with how you plan to work. It can be intimidating to see the full price up front in a single number. Break down your payment schedule to show your client how it works: Points of ContactIn addition to the campaign, you will want to provide points of contact to where the vendor will receive weekly or bi-weekly updates on the project. Make sure to fully list your primary contacts as follows:●      [Job Title–Starting With Your Most Senior Staff][First and Last Name][Job Experience and Role in the Campaign]●      [Job Title–Second in Command][First and Last Name][Job Experience and Role in the Campaign]Next StepsTo avoid limbo and a continual back-and-forth between you and the client, write down what happens after the proposal is sent. Will you be following up after a certain number of days? Does the client have a chance to ask for revisions on the proposal?Some agencies like to include an expiration date on their proposals along with a copyright notice. Proposal length can vary depending on the client you’re working with. A proposal for a small business would look remarkably different from a proposal for a multi-million dollar company.

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[Interactive Document] Creating a Social Media Project Proposal Once your goals are set, the tactical work is planned and you’re ready to tackle you social objectives for 2020, you should package all
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