Module 1 – CasePRODUCTIVITY AND OPERATIONS IN ORGANIZATIONSAssignment OverviewProductivityProductivity is an important factor in organizational performance. Companies worldwide offer consulting services and software to track, measure and analyze benchmarks and performance indicators. Metrics are important in services, merchandising and manufacturing. There are many components that must work in concert so that efficiency is optimized.Let us delve into the world of productivity metrics. We will start with academic experts in the field to learn about crucial metrics and best practices in Operations Management and then move on to professionals and consultants who share their viewpoints on products and services. This provides a more balanced perspective.Case AssignmentIntroduction (2-3 sentences)·        Provide a noteworthy fact that you came across researching the topic that will pique your reader’s interest. NOTE: Introductions and conclusions may be written after the body of the paper is completed.Metrics ResearchResearch Instructions: In Trident’s Library use the terms: best practices for optimizing productivity in the workplace. Refine your Search and select:·        Scholarly & Peer-Review·        Journal Article·        Last 5 years·        Sort by RelevanceYou must use at least one article from the Trident Library databases for this section of the case.·        Present a well-balanced academic discussion on the importance of productivity in the workplace. It may be a general in nature or focused on a specific industry that complements your career goals or experience. (1 page)Services, Merchandising and ManufacturingResearch how productivity is measured in each of the three types of entities. Your research should be comprised of quality resources. (1 page)Industry Pros: MetricsInternet search time. Using blogs, articles or information written by at least three experts from different companies, discuss productivity metrics championed by professionals. Be sure to explain how productivity is calculated. (1 page)Conclusion (2-3 sentences)·        Wrap up the discussion with an overview of future research needed or trends in the area.Since you are engaging in research, be sure to cite and reference the sources in APA format. NOTE: failure to use research with accompanying citations to support content will result in reduced scoring “Level 2-Developing” for Meets Assignment Requirements, Critical Thinking, Use of Sources and Mechanics on the grading rubric.The paper should be written in third person; this means words like “I”, “we”, and “you” are not appropriate. Refer to yourself in third person as “manager” or you can write about what the “project team” will do, rather than saying “I” and “we.”Assignment ExpectationsUse the attached APA-formatted template (OPM300 Case1) to create your submission.Your submission will include:·        Trident University International’s cover page·        The body of the paper: 3 pages with APA citations (2- to 3-sentence introduction, 3-page body, and 2- to 3-sentence conclusion)·        The alphabetized reference list page in APA formatGrading Note:At Trident University International, rubrics are used for grading. These rubrics specify the points available for each component of an assignment. Points are earned based on the level of the work submitted. The rubric located in the case dropbox is used for this case.

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Module 1 – Case PRODUCTIVITY AND OPERATIONS IN ORGANIZATIONS Assignment Overview Productivity Productivity is an important factor in organizational performance. Companies worldwide offer consulting se
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