Need an research paper on critical research paper. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Creon judgment that Polyneices body was not to receive a proper burial brought out different characters of Antigone and Isemene. Polyneices body would be left unburied and be consumed by birds or animals (Heaney 2).Antigone and Isemene are different in their conduct as exposed in their character. Wolf (6) highlights that. Antigone has strong convictions and chooses to follow them. In contrast, Isemene is complacent and reluctant to act upon her convictions. Antigone believes that their brother should receive a proper burial by performing apposite burial rites. Although Polyneices was the aggressor in Thebes struggle, Antigone considers that he should be buried since he was a member of the family.Antigone’s actions are visualized as a reflection of her will because she defies the king. Greek women did not enjoy freedom as the men did. This is why Creon’s determination to defeat Antigone is motivated because she is a woman. There were societal structures accompanied by rules that defined the place of woman in Greek. Men were placed higher in hierarchy than women. Antigone perspective repels the stipulated gender roles because she is rebellious. Antigone breaks the rules of Greek culture by refusing to be passive.Isemene chooses to be compliant with the rules of Greek culture to avoid displeasing her customs. Isemene’s perspective on men is that they are superior to women and women should be submissive. Cultural viewpoint on men as superior to women makes Isemene believe that men should be obeyed. Isemene realizes the short falls of the Greek’s perspective on women as problematic. Creon sees his mistake and cannot apologize to a woman, because he would go against his cultural practice.The outstanding behavior of Antigone as a woman is that she defies the kings decree, yet she is a woman.

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Need an research paper on critical research paper. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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