Write 1 page with APA style on Reflection on Work about the Effects of Corruption. Essay ReflectionImmense research on the topic of discussion, planning, and evaluations characterized my pre-writing strategy. I had to analyze all the details relating to the topic before starting to write. The actual writing of the essay subsequently followed this. The easiest part of writing the essay was writing about my academic qualifications, my will to make a difference, and my conclusion. On the other hand, writing about the effects of corruption and other vices was a bit hard for me, as it required specific and well-defined information. I had to revise some parts of the essay that talked about the economic side effects of corruption. I revised this as I sought relevance and reliability of such information. Actually, this was one of the hardest parts in my essay, as it required a bit of research before writing it. The section about the effects of corruption in the legal field and my urge to bring a difference are my best parts of the essay as they allow me to relate with my interest in a corruption free society and the fact that they flow freely from my inner self. The part about the economic effects of corruption derives the least interest from me as they involve a lot of analysis, data, and research, which is hard to carry out and deduce the findings. Indeed, if I were to revise this essay, I would improve my input on the effects of corruption on the economy and write more about my will to make a difference.

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Write 1 page with APA style on Reflection on Work about the Effects of Corruption.
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