Write 2 pages thesis on the topic similarities between odyssey and cold mountain. Similarities between “Odyssey” and “Cold Mountain” Roll No: Teacher: 8th May 2009 Similarities between “Odyssey” and “Cold Mountain”Odyssey written by Homer and Cold Mountain written by Charles Frazier are quite alike in terms of matching events and ambitions of the heroes of the works. Odysseus is portrayed as a powerful character who longs to return to his home and to his beloved. Likewise, Inman is shown as a strong man who has the same liking as Odysseus to return to his beloved and home. Both of the protagonists endure the hardships and sufferings that come in their way towards approaching back to their homes and defeat the hindrances in order to get their aspired missions. Inman can be called a modern Odysseus. Not only the characters of Odysseus and Inman have similarities but also the beloveds of both heroes. Penelope waits for Odysseus, likewise, Ada waits for Inman. Both of them have to manage without any assistance by their beloveds and fathers.Odysseus returns after gaining victory in the battle while Inman gets tired of seeing the blood and the dead in the Civil War, elopes from the hospital. Both the characters start their voyage towards their homes and beloveds after getting rid of the wars with which, they were busy previously. While journeying, they encounter many hindrances and hardships, which they face and fight bravely. They continue their journeys towards their ambitioned ideas. Both, Odysseus and Inman face situations that are life threatening such as encounter with Cyclops and Scylla for Odysseus and encounter with the leader of Home Guard group for Inman.Inman and Odysseus meet different types of creatures during their journey to their home. Odysseus meets Cyclops, dead people and other creatures in his way while Inman meets different types of people with contrasting personalities. Some creatures for Odysseus were supportive such as Calypso, Phoenicians, goddess Athena while others were troublesome such as Cyclops, Sirens, Circe and Scylla. Similarly, there were many people who supported Inman in his journey and many tried to cause him trouble by their acts such as Veasey, Junior, Lila and the leader of the Home Guard group. For Inman, turning back is not easy as it is said in Cold Mountain, “so lost in bitterness and anger that [he] could not find [his] way back” (54).Both the writers, Homer and Frazier have employed the wanderer theme in portraying the characters of the protagonists. Both Odysseus and Inman wander to find their way back home. In this wandering, they find their way back to their homes. They know about the address as Odysseus knows that his native land is Ithaca and Inman knows, it’s Cold Mountain but how, they are going to be there is not known and they find their way by wandering through other lands and areas. Both the protagonists are men in action. It is quite clear that there are many similarities found in the two works and also the sufferings and hardships faced by the two protagonists are somewhat similar. In Cold Mountain, the writer has put the old Odysseus into a modern era in which, he has to decide according to the new circumstances and situations. There is no doubt that Cold Mountain is a successful book because of its similarities with the Odyssey. However, Frazier has not portrayed Inman as strong and powerful physically as Odysseus but on spiritual level, Inman is better than Odysseus.Works CitedFrazier, Charles. Cold Mountain. New York: Vintage Books, 1997. Homer. The Odyssey. Translated by Robert Fitzgerald. New York: Doubleday, 1963.

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Write 2 pages thesis on the topic similarities between odyssey and cold mountain.
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