Write a 8 pages paper on roles of each individual member in their process of developing the software program. This report entails the different roles of each individual member in the process of developing the software program. The report goes on to explain the software engineering concepts to be used in-game development in detail.The customer interface manager has the task of ensuring a good relationship between customers and the team. This happens by considering the requirement specifications that would enable the software design and ensuring adequate freedom from ambiguities (Dix, 1998).The design manager is obligated to follow the standards of the design documentation in order to present the excellent quality of the documentation as well as understanding the problem fully. A full understanding of the problem would enhance its expansion (Sage, 2011). The team members would also be able to provide possible and better solutions.The implementation manager has the obligation of ensuring that members are within the same Java programming level. Given that this is hardly the case, the team member is to be given tutorial videos or books in order to improve their knowledge and extend it as well. The task also includes identifying libraries with useful code pieces to reuse it and ensure that the entire project and its implementation are done at a specified time.This manager is obligated to test the created software and guide the testing team. The leader in this case needs to understand the testing disciplines and the best way of implementing a testing process that the manager ensured.All software applications, which are successful, require a plan. This implies that whenever a customer is contacting a team for a given product the team first draws out a plan about the same. The planning is done as follows:The manager of the customer gets the needed specifications from the respective customer and then documents it. The customer manager, for ambiguities clarification based on the required specifications, further observes the document.&nbsp.The design manager keenly investigates the document in order to ensure that the documentation is of high quality and standards. The issues, in this case, are tackled in terms of the skills exhibited by team members in designing a method during the process.

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Write a 8 pages paper on roles of each individual member in their process of developing the software program.
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