You will prepare and submit a term paper on Topic: Application: Approaches to Research Questions. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length. Application: Approaches to Research Questions Answer Scholarly writing may differ from the writing we use in our daily life. In case of scholarly writing we need to use information from previous researches done by various researchers related to our topic of assignment. Review of literature with proper citation is very important in scholarly writing. But in our daily writing we use maximum assumptions and hardly use any previous researches with proper citation to the author. Thus scholarly writing is different from our daily writing and important in case of verification of information. Answer 2.I have chosen the question which states that are physical activity programs in elementary schools related to academic performance. Here we need to understand the topic before we proceed further. Physical activity programs are very important in elementary schools. It helps to boosts the health as well as nourishes the mind of the students. Physical activity programs make a healthy relation between mind and the body. It increases the concentration power and makes the students ready for team works which is highly required in future life of any people. In this topic we can use quantitative research method by preparing close ended research questionnaires and by doing a survey among schools to know that whether they are getting benefits from the physical activity programs or not and how many schools in the city are using physical activity programs as a part of their regular coursework. Quantitative research will help us to understand the statistics of the schools in the city those are benefitted from the physical activity programs. Answer 3.I have chosen the question which states that is mindfulness medication an efficacious treatment for adult ADD or not. Here we need to understand the brief about mindfulness before we proceed further. Mindfulness can be defined as the maintenance of every moment’s awareness of our feelings, thoughts, surrounding environment and bodily sensations (Segal, 2002). It also includes acceptance which means that we pay attention to our feelings and thoughts sometimes without judging them properly, for example- there is always a right way or a wrong way to feel or think in a situation. When people practice mindfulness, their thoughts get tuned into what they are sensing at the present time rather than thinking about the past or the future. Although the mindfulness was started in Buddhist mediation but practice of mindfulness has also entered into the life of American people in these recent years through the method of Jon Kabat –Zinn and his MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) program in 1979 (Shapiro, 2009). After that many research studies have shown the benefits of mindfulness in everyday life. It was supported with MBSR model and other programs created for hospitals, schools, veteran centres and prisons (University of California, No Date). It is useful to reduce the stress and treat the problem of attention deficit disorder among adults. In this case we can sue qualitative research approach. We can form open ended questionnaires and do survey among adults who are suffering from this problem. Their detail answer will help us to understand the reason of their attention disorder and treatment they are following to solve it.ReferencesUniversity Of California. (No Date). What Is Mindfulness?. Retreived from: Segal,Z., et al. (2002). Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy for Depression:&nbsp.A New Approach to Preventing Relapse. New York : Guilford Press.Shapiro, S., Carlson, L. (2009). The art and science of mindfulness:&nbsp.integrating mindfulness into psychology and the helping professions. USA: American Psychological Association.

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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Topic: Application: Approaches to Research Questions. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length.
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