Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on importance of marketing for london bites. This report will specifically cover the underlying issues related with marketing London Bites, segmenting its customers based on different variables, communication the marketing message in an effective manner, improving the customer service regimes and lastly setting prices in accordance with the target audience’s expectations. The role of marketing is of fundamental importance to this new takeaway sandwich and snacks shop. London Bites would benefit immensely by having a clear cut audience for its own self and then devising a message which is geared to look after their needs. For starters, London Bites could focus on building up a message for its customers. Then it can go on and reach to these customers as and when it feels the need to do so. It would be better for London Bites to do such things on a constant basis. Marketing will open up the avenues for its basis of sale and would tell the customers that there are a takeaway sandwich and snacks shop in the South East London suburbs. It would be in the best interest of London Bites to target the customers who usually reside in South East London, as these will be the perfect individuals for whom the company can produce fresh and quick sandwiches and snacks. These people would be told that they can pick up sandwiches and snacks en route to work as well as takeaway these snacks as and when they feel like from the shop (Douglas, 2000). Also, the element of convenience would be highlighted in the message that would be developed under the marketing regimes. The focus would be upon telling the audience that there is a takeaway sandwich and snacks shop in their vicinity and they can throng it as and when they feel like. It would look after their needs and offer them the best available services, coupled with reasonable costs and packages (Hills, 2008). The&nbsp.takeaway phenomenon has started to become a hit with the masses and London Bites would perceive its sales going up only if it develops a clear cut basis marketing plan for the business and then goes about following the very same.&nbsp.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on importance of marketing for london bites.
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