Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Crucial Role of Manager in Organisation. The basic goal of any water treatment plant is to remove pollutants which are present in water so that it is safe for drinking. XYZ Company has recently done a huge up gradation and it is going to employ 500 new employees in the company for the new unit. So a manager has been appointed to take into the works of the new department and he needs to provide the company with a business reporter covering the selection, recruitment and training perspective of the people there.The documentation should be clear about the required or preferred areas of focus and responsibilities of positions. Here the skills, behaviors, knowledge and experience form the basis of the selection criteria. Developing a good selection criterion is essential as these provide the standards against which the selection panel assessed the merit of candidates and determines selection. The manager determines the best strategy for filling the position lying vacant and obtaining right candidates. Here an assessment of the vacant positions is done by the manager to determine the current and future needs for the positions. Based on this assessment the positions are determined as a full time permanent, fixed-term employment, temporary and casual. All the positions in an organization have designation description. A description is made to reflect the present and future requirements of a company. The position description is made a part of the recruitment process. Choice of advertising: in all instances, advertising is placed inviting the applicants. There are a number of factors taken into consideration while preparing a job advertisement like a choice of newspapers, journals etc., the timing of applications, and style of the wording of advertising. Additional strategies: a successful recruitment process uses various strategies to attract and recruit high-quality candidates. In addition, to simply place an advertisement, a manager may even consider using networks to identify potential candidates, use outside expertise or may even develop a small group to consider all the options for recruitment activities.

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Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Crucial Role of Manager in Organisation.
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