Create a 13 pages page paper that discusses leadership, management, and informatics. &nbsp.It is proposed that the successful process is seen in the centre be taken as a model for similar changes in departments and hospitals run by the NHS in the country. In the process, the paper will review a wide range of theory and literature on change management. An appropriate process will be selected by taking relevant information from the literature and will be implemented in the ENT department. 2.0 The UK National Health Service: The sixty-year-old health system is recognized as one of the three pillars of the UK social policy, the second one being National Insurance and the third pillar comprising of “various forms of minimum provisions” (Merkel 2008, 54). The importance of this service can be seen from observing its core principles namely, meeting the health needs of every citizen based on clinical needs rather than the ability to pay. But these principles, though noble, were not seen as adequate by the organization and a new set of guiding principles were evolved in 2000 (NHS Core Principles 2009). Those changes are reviewed briefly, after which the rationale for the change as per this report will be given. A comprehensive range of services apart from treatment will be provided to the citizens and will include areas liked health information and disease prevention. The care will be extended to look after important needs of caregivers and family members of patients. A continuous quality improvement program will be a part of the operational process of the organization. It will also increase its responsibility towards NHS staff members. The change management process provided in this process is primarily a part of the core guiding principles of the organization mentioned above. 3.0 Rationale for change: Change is often resorted to when the stakeholders are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs (Deek, McHugh & Eljabiri 2005, 213). The ENT centre in Liverpool consists of physicians, anaesthetists, surgeons, trainee assistant practitioners, and nursing/ward/theatre administrative staff.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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Create a 13 pages page paper that discusses leadership, management, and informatics.
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