I will pay for the following article Page 50 51 and. The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. March 22, Page 50 – Writing is discovery, learning how many paragraphs and how long they should be while writing. Some topic sentences need more than one paragraph to support it. More examples, more evidence, stronger topic sentence. Drafting helps develop the thesis, testing the different ways to prove it. Drafting needs research though.- Composing body paragraphs. Create a topic sentence. Each paragraph must have development, unity, and coherence.- Topic sentence as main point of each paragraph. Three functions of topic sentence: 1) support the thesis. 2) tell what the paragraph talks about. and 3) controls the subject of the paragraph.Page 51Topic sentence, everything in paragraph, examples, arguments, support the topic sentence. Each paragraph is a mini-essay with topic sentence as mini-thesis. It means each paragraph must have unity and coherence.Topic sentence must be clear and specific, like thesis. Don’t add anything that’s not connected to it. Be specific, don’t say anything that has no purpose.Example of thesis, topic sentence. Topic sentence supports thesis. The whole paragraph supports the topic sentence. Coherence is the connection of these entire sentences- topic and thesis sentence and other sentences for each paragraph. Page 59Sample topic sentences:Job interviews- To prepare for a job interview, an applicant must know the proper attire.Friends- A friend is someone you can rely on in times of troubles.Sketching an outline for a thesis is a good exercise for developing writing abilities. Check if each topic sentence clearly supports the thesis. Consider changing the organization if topic sentences and paragraphs are not connected to one another. Consider also changing the thesis if writing about the topic reveals something new. Change the essay, redraft change thesis and topic sentences. Be open to changing the essay if it doesn’t work out. Nothing is permanent when it comes to writing. Changes can happen as we collect information and develop arguments, paragraphs. Page 60Paragraph development. Beginning writers have weakness in developing paragraphs, so must practice in developing them by using topic sentence and information to support topic sentences. Each paragraph must support the topic sentence in different ways- explain, define, give examples, any way to support the topic sentence. Give sufficient information and evidence to support the topic sentence. Make information, clear and specific.Example of underdeveloped paragraph. Lack of supportive evidence. Why is Jesse James a Robin Hood figure? Not enough evidence to convince readers that he is a Robin Hood figure.Another example of fully developed paragraph. Used many examples to support the topic sentence. More convincing because of stories and examples that prove that Jesse James is a Robin Hood kind of outlaw. They all say something about the topic sentence- connection, unity is clear.One more example of underdeveloped paragraph. Has supporting reasons but lacks examples or evidence.Give more evidence to develop the paragraph. Give information that is connected to the topic sentence. Again, think of unity and coherence for each paragraph. Check each paragraph for unclear ideas or sentences that are not connected to the topic sentence.

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I will pay for the following article Page 50 51 and. The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
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