Write 1 page thesis on the topic historical interpretations of the new deal and the great depression. HISTORICAL INTERPRETATIONS OF THE NEW DEAL AND THE GREAT DEPRESSION Outline Introduction The introduction consists of. the effects of the great depression. The efforts made by the government of America in order to solve the economic problems. The programs applied by the government leaders in order to neutralize the effects of great depression are also highlighted. The introduction is basically, an elaboration of the steps taken by America to deal with great depression. The steps are briefly explained step by step in respect to the year of focus1. Interpreting and Studying This elaborates the great depression by considering the Roosevelt 1930’s efforts and considers different authors perception. It also consist the overview of authors who talked about great depression.Progressive HistoriansThis part talks about the authors who talked about the great depression and new deal. There perception and views about great depression are highlighted. The neoconservative and consensus historian’s view and focus on great depression are elaborated in this section. Transitional figure The views of William Leuchtenburg in 1960’s about the new deal are elaborated. The new deal is defined and explained in respect to Leuchtenburg’s ideas. New Left Historians The economic improvement and efforts made in the new deal are highlighted. This also consist the things addressed by the new deal in the 1960’s to deal with the great depression. Cultural, social and Specialist Studies This is an expression of the cultural, social and specialist studies scholar’s views on the new deal. The scholars also have contributed in focusing on the great depression2. Conclusion This includes an overview of the ideas explained in the draft. BibliographyAaron, Purcell D. Historical Interpretations of the New Deal and the Great Depression. (April 2015): 1-29. https://www.sendspace.com/file/ibiznq (accessed April 13, 2015).

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Write 1 page thesis on the topic historical interpretations of the new deal and the great depression.
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