Write 12 pages with APA style on The Success of Tony Deep and East Ends Foods Plc. The company finds itself among the leading specialists dealing with food in the Asia countries. It specializes in the production of paprika, chilli and other blends of spices. Its supplies in the Asian stocks are great that independently goes over eighty percent of the east end range in addition to the major multiples in the United Kingdom. East ends food Plc have been experiencing this for more than four decades in the markets across the Asian countries before being acknowledged as the best company in the region. The founder, Tony deep, came to the United Kingdom just as a migrant of the economy. Four years after his entry, he decided to put up his ideas into a working business. Before starting this business, Tony had no previous business experience. He was just a migrant who was looking for a better life opportunity in a foreign country. He had not owned any other company initially, and East ends foods Plc was the first company he was attempting to start. With the help of his brothers, Tony managed to develop his ideas into an international business that managed to focus on importing lentils, spices and rice among other things. In the early days of East Ends food Plc, Tony saw is it as an important element if he had to maintain the contacts of the farmers. In addition, train them on how to grow food using inputs that are natural and minimize any use of inorganic chemicals and the use of pesticides. As a result, East Ends food Plc products have virtually no trace of inorganic chemical or pesticide in the products that they sell. To his entrepreneurship approach that he was displaying during my conversation with him, Tony deep seemed to be having an inventor-researcher approach that he has been applying in the business progress and development. This approach has been effective in his business progress since he does not possess the skills that are needed to apply practically to help in turning his creativity into innovation.&nbsp.

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Write 12 pages with APA style on The Success of Tony Deep and East Ends Foods Plc.
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