Write 4 pages thesis on the topic death of a salesman: the elusive american dream. He had to come out a winner in this losing streak. Even if it meant that he would have to take his life. He killed himself. His insurance money will pay his debt and leave some for his wife. The anger and animosity between him and his son, Biff, will cease. As for his job, he will be redeemed and his value to the company will be seen when his clients and co-workers, by the hundreds, will attend his funeral. For Willy, he has finally won. For him, after his death, the tomorrow will be different: for him, his fame will reach greater heights for at his funeral hundreds will come to pay their respects. and, for those, he will be leaving behind a more secure future with the money that the insurance company will pay his family.Miller excellently drove his point to the audience that there is no American Dream. Willy’s desire for fame and fortune is seen in the people he epitomizes, Dave Singleman who died a salesman and how hundreds of people came to his funeral (p 81). and, Ben his brother who went into the “jungle” at 17 years old and came out very rich at the age of 21 (p.52). He wanted desperately to be like them. He always wanted to keep on hearing the stories of these people told over and over and over again (p.49).Miller attacked Willy’s dream in several ways. First, was at work when the son of the owner of the company refused to acknowledge Willy’s importance to the company. He even changed Willy’s work status from a salaried man to a per commission basis one (p.57). Gone was Willy’s fame. Willy’s reaction was one of denial. He instead focused his mind to remembering the past and telling himself that he will eventually be recognized for his 30year service to the company (p.14). Miller used symbolism to depict that Willy despite his denial knew the futility of continuing to work. This symbolism is of the car that keeps “going off onto the shoulder” of the road.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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Write 4 pages thesis on the topic death of a salesman: the elusive american dream.
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