Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses parents participate in their children education. Research shows that family engagement in a child’s education improves the child’s attitude towards school attendance, their success at the same time reducing the number of dropouts. After a research that was conducted on the American Indian, Asians, Latinos and Pacific Islanders, ethnic groups it was noted they shared similar barriers that hinder parental engagement in students school life. Generally, ethnic groups had many things in common than differences, which they use to engage families in improving communication and strengthening the relationship between ethnic parents, and schools. Most parents from the ethnic groups value parental family voice. This means that students have to listen to what their parents tell them about education. There are cases whereby some students are rude to their teachers but obey parents. In such a case if a parent is involved then they save the life of the child since the child has to obey the family voice. The ethnic groups always hire competent staff and work together as a team. They also provide in-service so that the hired school staff becomes skilled and culturally competent. This helps them to work effectively with families from other ethnic groups. Hiring competent staff means that students from the above ethnic group will receive the best of education in the region. The staff is supposed to work hand in hand with the parents so that the children feel encouraged. Most of these families ensure that they check their children book at the end of the day to know the child’s academic progress.

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Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses parents participate in their children education.
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