I will send you the ebookEach week you will need to complete the class discussion board for that week. That discussion board is a Reaction board. This board is fairly open-ended. Basically, I want you to give a response to the class materials for the week. This should not be a summary (everyone else hopefully read it too) but rather something you thought interesting, a connection you saw between this week’s materials (or previous weeks’ materials), something going on today that it reminds you of, etc. It’s pretty open-ended, but what I want to see is that you’re engaging with the course materials for that week. This post should be a minimum of 100 words (due Thursday). In addition, you will post two replies to classmates’ posts on the Reaction board (due Sunday). These don’t have a minimum word limit, but the reply posts should be complete sentences that explain your reason for your response (“I agree” is not enough, but “I agree, because…” is ok). Repsond to these in one to two sentences1. During this chapter, I saw a lot of things that were intersecting but what shocked me the most was how they treated women back then. I make me cringe that men that the mother of their children wasn’t good enough to work because of their egos. Also, how they didn’t pay women as much as men to save money. It just makes me mad because women were doing just as much as the men were doing. Like looking after the children, cleaning, cooking, etc. It just bothers me women weren’t treated as equals and not treated as human more like property.  2. The part of the reading that really struck out to me was A Factory Girl’s Mill Work. Lucy was only 11 years old and she embraced working at the mill and contributing to the family. It is amazing how quickly she and some of her siblings had to grow up because their father had passed and in order for their family to survive, they had to take on work instead of focusing on school. While others saw it as a sad and difficult duty for her to skip out on her childhood, she felt quite the opposite. She looked at it as doing her part to contribute and alleviate some of the stress from her mother. She saw working at the mill as a fun game. I think there is a lot to be learned from Lucy’s frame of mind. We experience strife at the most unexpected times but we can either react to it with abhorrence or embrace it and look at it from a positive light. The mind is a very powerful tool and how you react to your circumstances can either make it really easy or you can make it harder on yourself. She easily gave up her dreams about going to high school because she knew the money she was earning had to go to the home and she couldn’t afford to put herself through school. I take it high school back then was the college that we experience now? I also think it is interesting that children were ALLOWED to work at such a young age, and then think about how things have changed since then. Isn’t 16 the legal age now to work – on the condition of a parent’s consent? I remember working in retail and a 16 year old girl was hired – but was only done through parental consent. Now there’s so many more rules and regulations (laws) concerning “child labor.” It seems that today’s society focuses more on education and “you should enjoy being a child” because adulthood comes to soon! less

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I will send you the ebook Each week you will need to complete the class discussion board for that week. That discussion board is a Reaction board. This board is fairly open-ended. Basically, I want yo
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