Need an research paper on love pitch/proposal on andre jamerson. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Andre JamersonAndre Jamerson is a 27 year old medical personality. He resides in the southern part of California state, at Ventura County. Andre is the first born in the Spanish origin Jamerson family. He was born in 5/12/1985 in California. Jamerson, together with his three siblings, was raised in a stable family in Ventura county by his father Jim Jamerson and his mother Winnie Jamerson. He studied at Ventura county high school and later joined California College of Pediatrics. Andre was a middle level performer in school throughout his academic period. However, Andre was good in sporting activities, especially soccer and football. At school, he also participated in extra curriculum activities like voluntary community services, and mentoring programs. Andre depicted a socially active personality throughout school. He is fond of making friends and meeting new people (Humble Glow). Currently, Andre is a part-timer working with two companies. One of them is the Ventura Children’s Home and the Ventura Pediatric Clinic. Andre works four hours a day at the children’s home, as a health care provider. He had close links to this organization since his time in high school and college. He landed a job at the children’s home upon completing high school. In this organization, Andre hosts the annual Dance Marathon meant to raise funds to children living with HIV/AIDs. In addition, he is a night-shift medical assistant at Ventura Pediatrics Clinic. Andre got this job immediately after competing college education. He has worked in the clinic for three years now. His job description includes keeping records for out-patients, prescribing medications and nursing the in-patients. Apart from his works, Andre is also a third year student pursuing an undergraduate degree in nursing from Ventura College of Medicine (Humble Glow). Andre has transmitted his active social life into the social networks. He is active on major sites like Twitter, Facebook and Lockerz. Andre has more than one thousand two hundred friends in Facebook and about 356 followers in Twitter. He hosts his own website called the Humble Glow, where he shares most of his social activities with his family and friends. He also shares pictures on his role as a host in the 26-hours Dance Marathon (Humble Glow). Work CitedAndre Jamerson. (22 February 2012). Humble Glow. Retrieved from http://humbleglow.tumblr.

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Need an research paper on love pitch/proposal on andre jamerson. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism.
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