Need an research paper on research6. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Rainbows End Introduction Vinge points out in Dumb Luck and Smart Thinking of a “Honeyed Nougat Miracle”. Braun, an EUIB representative, had been summoned by the CDD (European Centre for Defence against Disease) body in a bid to subdue the predicament (Vinge 2). Braun was startled by a brief, dubious thirty-second bulletin of exaggerated spike surge concerning nougat purchases. The sudden sales were to kick-start in about 3 minutes after the bulletin (Vinge 3). The bulletin had been deemed to have paid its sponsor almost a hundred fold. It later turned out that the bulletin was simply an illusion. The “Honeyed Nougat Miracle” is extremely significant in the Rainbows End since it highlights some of the delusions that will be part of the upcoming digital technologies that the reader may need to take caution upon (Vinge 4).Vinge highlights the reactions of Dr Xiuxiang and Robert Gu on the label “No user serviceable parts within”, boldly embedded on the black boxes (literally to imply the encapsulated forms of the technological devices hardware and software) that were complex and permanently fixed (they could not be altered or replaced). Gu and Xiuxiang were perplexed because the black boxes were not operating as they needed them to and still were unable to change or replace them(Vinge 58).Robert Gu was astounded by the life-prolonging technologies which restored his health back to normalcy after battling with Alzheimer (Vinge 52). The phrase “that was the genius insight of this dark morning, the conclusion he had evaded every day since he was brought back from the dead” reveal the convenience and intelligence accompanying the contemporaneous technologies was astounding. For instance, Robert Gu’s health was restored in a flash (which he calls magic), and he regained his youthful body once again.At the moment, many competent professionals have crowded the job market and, as a result, the selection criteria for selecting candidates for specific careers has diversified, leaving many qualified candidates below the expected cut off specifications. In addition, as many global activists push for minimal wage increase, vast employment seekers have key preferences for the careers they seek in the job market (such as the jobs which match what they studied in college). Their preferences may, unfortunately, be unavailable in the job market and therefore ending up being jobless. Also, most careers need diverse skills. These skills are constantly changing for distinct, unique careers. Most employees, unable to cope with the changing trends end up losing their jobs and ultimately unable to secure other opportunities since they are unable to cope with change. John Paul II asserts that through his undertakings in work, a man takes part in the creation process which God instituted in Genesis. John Paul adds that through the perseverance of the toil aspects of work, mankind is able to associate and integrate with Christ as a mode of redemption to mankind. John affirms that partaking in work is a true depiction that man is an authentic disciple of Christ and the gospel.John Paul asserts in his claim that “the Christian finds in human work a small part of the Cross of Christ and accepts it in the same spirit of redemption in which Christ accepted His Cross for us.” Simply implies that thought the resurrection of Christ, mankind is always renewed by mining a fresh glimmer of a new existence. He also implies that Christ through his will to save mankind by bearing the cross, work is the portion that humanity should bear as the price for their successful living.References Vinge, Vernor. Rainbows End. New York: Tor, 2006. Print.John, Paul. Encyclical on Human Work: Laborem Exercens: on the Ninetieth Anniversary of Rerum Novarum. Boston, MA: St. Pauls Editions, 1982. Print.

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Need an research paper on research6. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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