Need an research paper on spell check poem topic 3 wk 6. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. My Spell Checker Poem Topic 3 Week 6 My Spell Checker Poem Topic 3 Week 6 The poem en d “My Spell Checker” proffered pertinent issues relative to overreliance to word programs’ checking of spelling application. As disclosed, some words might be spelled correctly but used in the wrong way. The purpose of this essay, therefore, is to present a personal evaluation of the poem and the reason why this poem would be important to a student who relies heavily on spell check thinking it will catch every mistake. An initial reading of the poem to someone who have been consistently exposed to literary works would reveal that the following words, though existing in the English dictionary, were not used in the proper context, such as revue, sea, threw, no, weigh, tolled and sew. These words, when used in the poem, should have been spelled as follows: review, see, through, know, way, told and so. This poem is therefore an appropriate example of how the spell check application fails to address the grammatical context of words used within the discourse. It effectively checks spelling of words in terms of their existence in the dictionary, but nothing else. Students, particularly, who are expected to adhere to grammatical rules (not only confining the review to spelling) would assume that the work has been evaluated entirely but would fail to capture the essence and accuracy of the context within which words and phrases were used. A spell check option does not catch mistakes in grammar use or selecting the most effective word to achieve the intended message.In some word programs, spelling and grammar checks could capture additional mistakes. but still, the writer should use cognitive skills in analyzing accuracy in contents, contexts, and logical structure. The poem is therefore given to a college student within a course to give the student enhanced understanding that overreliance to software program applications should not be resorted to. Students should be warned that these applications are not ‘know all and do all’ alternatives that would ensure written works to be perfect. These are to be utilized as a means to assist students in making swift and generalized assessments but a closer review and one that needs detailed analysis in structure, content and comprehensiveness of addressing learning objectives still depend on human skills, talents, and abilities.Overall, one’s spell checker in word document programs are useful tools to facilitate assessment and measuring spelling errors. These should not be relied solely to determine if a written literary work is perfect in adhering to grammatical rules. As such, in addition to using these tools, students should exercise manual checking and if the student thinks that personal capabilities for grammatical adherence is lacking, there are always other options including having the work reviewed by more competent and professional colleagues who would not consider the words: revue, sea, threw, no, weigh, tolled and sew as perfectly fitted in the poem’s context.

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Need an research paper on spell check poem topic 3 wk 6. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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