Need an research paper on when unfairness matters most. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Employees should be informed so that they are aware of all the consequences of every action committed. The most effective way of improving this policy would be to inform of the monitoring process.Question 2: Scenario 2As an employee, I am obligated to follow the rules stipulated by the company in which I work. It is a fair policy to have company computers and email accounts monitored. It is not surprising to see some employees using emails and computers at work for inappropriate activities such as watching movies and gossiping on face book. Tracking employee activity on comp-any computers is the only effective way of ensuring that everyone works and harassment of clients or employees does not take place. Implementing email policies and company computers that protect the privacy of employees, clients and business interests is critical for all companies (Paschal, Stone and Stone-Romero 503).Question 3: Scenario 3As a Quality Textbook Inc sales representative, in a demanding job, it is only appropriate that the company implements a policy that is fair. Having a car and a phone tracked during the work hours is appropriate, but after work, hours is an unfair move. According to Cain’s message in the podcast, embracing technology also means that we embrace the idea of being tracked. I agree that tracking the car and phones to avoid violation of company rules and wastage of resources such as fuel is appropriate, but the problem is tracking employees during their non-work hours. If employees are to be monitored and tracked, it should be done the right way, which does not infringe on their privacy (McNall and Stanton 230). Since it is vital to track employees for this company, a revision of this policy would be appropriate. The policy should include options where employees have the ability to switch off the devices after work hours.

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Need an research paper on when unfairness matters most. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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