Two answerings, and 4 responses about what you think about what they said Answer: Research tells us that women continue to earn less than men for the same work even when both have the same credentials. Why do you think there continues to be a wage gap among the genders?  Do you think this is fair? Do you think women and men will ever have pay equality? Respond: I think the gender wage gap still continues among gender of women and men because mainly most people, owners, or a person in general believes that a woman can’t do what a man can and it brings down women all the time and they receive less than what they are suppose to. Also, Skin Color also comes in to the conversation of men and women gender wage gap, for example, say your are an African American woman and you’re looking for  raise in your payment but your up against a White Caucasian man a lot of things will be considered here like who makes the business look good or who will they need the most to talk to a sponsor or get an endorsement. They will most likely go with the White Caucasian man mainly because of his skin color and their probabilities, the African American women would be considered but they will come up with an excuse on why she didn’t get the raise and she could have had more skills than the man, and would most likely get them a better endorsement or sponsor but they focused on color and not efficiency. However, overall there is discrimination against all women in the workplace and I don’t think it’s fair there should really be something done about it but most women recognize this and they do something about it, they may start their own business or go work for another job that accepts them just as they accept men but at some point, all people will have to consider that equal pay is the best thing I mean jeopardizing people pay because of their gender is just sad and most will realize that sooner or later.Respond: I believe there continues to be a wage gap among the genders because we live among the most ignorant of people. I know and have always been aware of the fact that is the situation is unfair. I can only have hope that women and men will someday be payed equally. logically it does not look like it is going to happen anytime soon. Men still feel as though women are incapable of certain task. when in reality we are not and have never been. Answer: How do myths about old age lead to prejudice against the elderly?Respond: Myths about old age lead to prejudice against the elderly. For example, in the workforce, the elderly are looked at as being incapable of completing a work task. They are looked at as weak. Society makes us look at older people as undependable. I think that older adults are very smart. Elderly people know so much information, and they can teach us so much if we take the time out to communicate with them. Even though some elderly people have memory loss or are short of hearing, not every elderly person isn’t the same. Myths against the elderly are inaccurate. People have to experience talking and getting to know the elderly. People be so quick to stop caring for or helping the elderly because they have memory loss or short of hearing. These myths against the elderly are heartbreaking; honestly, it’s sad.Respond: Many old aged people have been looked down at because they are old and “are not capable of doing things” which is incorrect because many of them are the opposite they are living just like any young people are. Many of theses myths consist of minimal things for example they are fragile, they are slow, don’t understand things very well anymore among many others. People keeps saying these things and now the society has been believing these myths when many elders feel like they are now living their life to the fullest than when they were younger. For example the other day I was in the store when an elder man was walking and looking at some things a younger lady comes up and asks him did he need any help and he kindly said no. This shows how people automatically think that elders can’t do things on their own.

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Two answerings, and 4 responses about what you think about what they said Answer: Research tells us that women continue to earn less than men for the same work even when both have the same credential
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