Write 2 pages thesis on the topic topic: city, region or area not in the united states. Dubai The growth and development of cities around the world has been overwhelming in the recent past. This trend has been crowned by the massive developments that have occurred in Dubai as a city and an emirate in the United Arab Emirates. Two decades ago, Dubai was a slow moving locale in the Middle East in terms of economic undertakings. However, efforts put in place to reverse this situation are enormous, and whose impacts have been far reaching. Dubai city ranked the fastest growing on earth, characterized by commercial, financial, logistics and tourism activities (Summit Communications 1).Dubai city is located in desert environment of the Arabian Gulf. The design, infrastructure set up and social, economic, and political potential of the city are overwhelming. Within a short period of less than twenty years, the United Arab Emirates economy has rapidly grown and developed, making it undoubtedly an example of tiger economies in the world. Characterized by cities within a city, Dubai has put up a logistics city and megacities in this desert environment, attracting regional and international fraternal from investment to hospitality sectors (Summit Communications 3). This scenario has further transformed the industrial aspect of the city. with electronics manufacturing dominating industrial aspects of this business hub.Dubai city boosts of a diversified economy, confirmed by Minister of Economy and Planning who describes her country as the Singapore of the Middle East (Summit Communications 5). The city just like any other city in the world comprises of local and international populations. However, the Dubai case is special to account for, since the foreign population is way much larger than that of the locals. This has made the city to become one of the most socially and culturally diversified cities in the world. Amid this international cultural and social influence, the locals have maintained their culture, traditions and customs. On the same note, autonomy of foreigners only limited prior to residential requirements enforced by the United Arab Emirates’ governance. The city’s municipality oversees the coexistence of all population in Dubai.The most notable and highly performing sector in the city is the real estate. Infrastructure design and development is informed by vibrant architectural pursuits that have changed the face of the city. The real estate in Dubai is one of the sectors that employ the highest number of people in Dubai. locals and internationals (Summit Communications 9). Investment, finance, and construction technologies have contributed to this significant pursuit to redesign the city, taking into account personnel qualification and pumping of new and fresh ideas into the city’ social, economic and political undertakings (Summit Communications 11-15).Every aspect of the city is designed to realize enormous benefits for both locals and internationals. For instance, the leisure and tourism in Dubailand are taking a whole new perspective. The city is exploiting its weaknesses to create opportunities for the tourism sector. In other words, the city and the Dubai emirate at large are transforming its desert conditions into a tourism venture. Sheikh Mohammed, and the CEO of Dubailand, Salem Bin Dasmal expressed their efforts to make Dubailand an international tourism hub, attracting millions of tourists every year (Summit Communications 18). Dubai city is a contemporary revolutionary force among world cities.Works CitedSummit Communications. Dubai: No Other City on Earth Can Dream Like This. Special Advertising Section. New York Times Magazine, December 2006.

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Write 2 pages thesis on the topic topic: city, region or area not in the united states.
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