Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on values of gaelic literature. The poetry celebrates the cherished norms and values of the society such as the place of the family as a fundamental unit within the Gaelic frame of reference. The values expressed in Gaelic literature are a sum of the perspectives of the constituent cultures on matters of language, religion, family life, social values, and struggles of the community (Hyde, 2006, p. 50). In some sense, there is a way in which the transition of the values is representative of the shifting realities and attitudes due to the discourses of religion, secularization, cultural domination, historical processes, and other influences that combine to shape up to form the Gaelic cultural expression. In some way, it is important to consider the fact that the cultural expression of the Gaelic experience is a representation of the combined groups that constitute the Gaelic experience. Cultural and social representation is brought out in ways that expose both the fears and aspirations of the society in terms of associations with foreign cultures and the impact of cultural domination. The hope for the sustenance of traditional values in the wake of invading foreign influences are equally captured in the range of poetry and prose that was developed within the space of time that Gaelic literature developed. In many ways, Gaelic literature articulated the fear of subjugation and the struggle of the dominated communities against the structures and values supplanted on the Gaelic world by the invading cultures (Koch, 2006, p. 62). As a response to the systematic subjugation of the people, the poets and writers of the time explored ways in which they could restore the values that had been eroded by external influences. In a sense, the literature sought to restore humanism and a sense of nationhood of an endangered civilization. The literature sought to establish a linkage of Gaelic&nbsp.civilization from the ancient to the modern world.&nbsp.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on values of gaelic literature.
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