Complete 12 pages APA formatted article: Cakes on ops & supply chain management. nufacturing industry, the manner in which resources are handled, among them time, provides a measure of how productive the business model is and how much it is able to make use of 100% of the resources to result to 100% value and quality management. On the other hand, the retail industry which provides final consumers with consumer products makes use of the lean concept through the consideration of factors such as the channels of ordering, the human resource required, and the number of other factors to be considered between the time of order placement to the time of delivery to the consumer (Maleyeff, 2012).In the application of the lean concept, several factors are considered. Among these are resources that are directly in control of the business model at hand. This means that internal operations are the only operations the business model can control. However, it is observed that various considerations have to be considered when handling internal operations. For instance, it is observed that the number of factors affecting the productivity within a business model include time management. Time management and the utilization of other resources go hand in hand. The lean concept points that the operations of a company or a business model can be manipulated in manner that processes use the optimal resources under a defined and well strategized timeframe. In this case, while processes such as those involved in a bakery or confectionary companies, require various inputs aimed at bringing out one outcome. Under this example, it is observed that processes such as the ordering of ingredients from the companies’ inventories must ensure that orders are on time and dispatch of the ingredients is at par with other processes’ schedules. While processes such as the cleanup of equipment as well as the preparation of the next batch make use of time management and material management (Barrad, & Sipper, 1988).

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Complete 12 pages APA formatted article: Cakes on ops & supply chain management.
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