Compose a 250 words assignment on how can i act on my words. Needs to be plagiarism free! One of my friends, before coming to America, told me one time that “Your words, without action, means nothing”. At that time, I did not really understand what was meant by this.&nbsp. How can I act on my words? Since living in the United States, though, I think to find the true meaning of this. I must do what I say. I think of an example: I tell people for a long time that I am going to come to America. Before coming, I was offered a job in my country. If I take that job, I know that my dream of getting a college degree in America would die, and people back home would not believe me anymore. I am here now and so happy that I choose to honor my words.I read one time that words are powerful. People can choose to believe me or not based on how I act after I tell them something. It is my hope that I can be seen as a person that can be trusted. A person that when I say something, I honor those words, no matter how hard it might be. I must say that it is hard to always do what is right. It is harder to always do what we say, but it is sometimes more easy to just change my mind. If I truly believe in my dream, however, I will continue to honor my words and show people that when I say something, I mean it.You, my teacher, have asked me how I respect my words. I think about this for a long time. My simple answer is that I need to respect myself first. I look in the dictionary and find the word integrity. This means, to me, that I need to be honest with myself and others, even when nobody sees what I do. When I think of my words, then, I need to respect what I say and shows others that I am loyal, honest, and a person who will work hard to follow through on what I say.

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Compose a 250 words assignment on how can i act on my words. Needs to be plagiarism free!
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